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Fix term deposit on 12 months in EUR with possibility for premature withdrawal without loosing interest.

Place Your deposit on 12 months with interest rate of 1% on annual level and minimum amount of EUR 500.


Type of deposit Fix term deposit
Term of deposit 12 months
Deposit currency EUR
Amount (minimum 500) 10.000
NIR (on annual level) fix 1%
EIR (on annual level) 0,85%
Index criteria None
Tax in percentage 15,00%
Tax in absolute amount 15,00%
Total savings amount after maturity with accrued interest after tax 10.085,00
* data is valid from 25.12.2017.

The Bank participates in the obligatory deposit insurance system established in the Republic of Serbia, please see more information on http://www.aod.rs/osiguranje-depozita.html

In case You need additional information please contact us on 0800 330300 (calls are free of charge from fix telephony network), 011 3306 300 or visit us in Expobank JSC Belgrade branches.